Our Centre Philosophy

We are committed to creating a relaxed, fun and home-like environment that will support children to become independent, develop friendships, make their own choices and treat one another with equality.  There are many opportunities through the program that allow children to engage in varying experiences and to pursue their own interests.  With a focus on play and recreational activities, each child’s interests and abilities are recognized, encouraged and respected while also complementing their middle childhood development.

We value the importance of family and encourage their involvement in all areas of the program.  We will continue to network with the families and community to support our current practices.  We value and abide by the policies and procedures that management set for the service and respect their role in relation to decision making. We promote that the physical, physiological, educational and social needs are fostered in a caring environment, where individual children are valued and encouraged.

The diversity of staff and children’s background enables us to provide an environment where children, families and the community can all be a part of the centre where their interest, abilities and background can be encompassed by the centre.  We value the importance of diversity and the different cultural backgrounds of each child and their family and endeavour to incorporate their culture into the centre program.